Original claims submission
Provide prefilling consultation and identification of chronic conditions and disability that meet the criteria for service connection

New Claims
Review records and other related documents to assist in the identification of conditions and disabilities that are eligible for submission of a new claim

Dependent claims
Provide prefilling consultation in reviewing records and documents to determine eligibility for service connected death.

Provides representation in all phases of the appeal process from the regional offices to the Board of Appeals

Besides helping veterans and their families with their earned benefits, our expert consultants, with years of experience, understand how the decision review system works and will assist with pre-filing consultations throughout the entire appeals process. We review previous rating decisions and advise you on the steps that are needed to be taken to improve your remuneration. Our vast medical experience helps us identify chronic illnesses and help veterans claim what is rightfully due to them.

Small Business Verification
Provide consultation with converting veteran owned business to services disabled veteran owned businesses.

Disability Severance Pay Tax Refund